exterior spring cleaning

Your Guide to Exterior Spring Cleaning

While we’re accustomed to spring cleaning, most of us make this effort solely indoors. However, the exterior of your home, like the fence and patio, needs some TLC. While the curb appeal is nice, it gives your visitors a great first impression of your home. So add these tasks to your spring cleaning checklist.

Make a plan

With winter passing, it makes sense to give your home a refresh. Outdoor upkeep is essential to the proper functioning and longevity of your home’s vital components. Take a walk outside of your home and inspect the condition of your exterior. Gather up fallen branches and eliminate the plants that couldn’t survive winter. It is also important to examine outdoor structures for damage and take note of necessary repairs.

Clear your gutters

With spring showers ahead, your gutters must be clear and ready to take on the runoff. Winter storms cause leaves, branches, and debris to accumulate in your gutters. So get on your work gloves, grab a ladder, and scoop out as much debris as you can. While you’re at it, use a hose to get rid of the rest of the debris and clean clogs from the downspouts, and make sure water is directed away from the foundation.

Clean your siding

After a cold Nebraska winter, your siding needs a facelift. Use a power washer or a hose with a jet attachment and work the grime off your siding. Pay close attention as you work your way around the house, taking note of any damage to your siding. Think it’s time for a siding replacement? Here are some signs that your siding needs to be replaced.  Wash your windows

Don’t let dirty windows dim the sparkle of spring sunshine! You can tackle this project yourself or hire a professional. All you need is a sprayer hose attachment, ladder, squeegee, a couple of rags, a cleaning solution, and a whole lot of elbow grease. While this may be a daunting task, the crisp view out of your windows will make it all worthwhile. Windows still not cutting it after they’ve been washed? You may need to work with an Omaha exterior professional to get new ones.

Outdoor entertainment areas

While outdoor entertainment goes dormant for the winter, dirt, grime, and other debris can take over your outdoor furniture, tables, and grill. So grab a hose, some rags, and some soapy water to trade that winter grime for some spring shine!

Hit the deck

Before you host your first barbeque, your deck needs a thorough cleaning. First, sweep the debris off your patio or porch and inspect for signs of repairs such as cracks or decay. Then use a sprayer hose attachment or power washer to wash away the accumulated dirt and grime. If your deck or porch needs a little more attention, use soapy water to scrub away any stains or stubborn buildup. If your patio area has exterior lighting, it’s a good idea to check that your lightbulbs fit snugly and work appropriately. You should also remove any cobwebs and nests to ensure your fixtures shine as bright as possible. Finally, if you have a fence, spruce it up by raking up debris and hosing off the mud. This is also a great time to touch up your fence with fresh paint or sealant.

Clear the (walk)way

Blast away the mud, grunge, or salt stains from your exterior pathways with a power washer or jet host attachment. You can use a stiff-bristled broom to push gravel back to its path. Refill spaces between pavers with fresh sand, grout, or gravel if necessary.

Work on your lawn

After the winter snow has cleared, the first sight of your lawn can seem like a nightmare. Early spring is a great time to clear your yard of winter debris and add fertilizer. Then, once all the frost has passed, go ahead and seed your lawn, or just the areas that need a little help.

You might be tired from spring cleaning inside but look at tidying up your outdoor space as a chance to get fresh air and spend time outside. No matter the size and condition of your home, exterior spring cleaning can make it fresh and bright for a new season. Now it’s time to grab your rake and give your yard a fresh new look. If you found some areas on your home’s exterior that may need to be replaced, like your siding, windows, or gutters, contact Siefken Contracting to get your home in great shape for spring!