Most Popular Home Remodeling Projects of 2023

One of the best things about owning your home is that you can create a place that works for you. As trends change, you can decide if you want to update or leave the shag carpet in place until it comes back around again. Each year there is some new “hot” idea that storms social media as something you must have in your house. While there are some great and very functional ideas, like a dedicated coffee bar, others may not be for you. The great news is that you can have fun reading all about them and decide if you need to call your contractor to get things going or skip that project for now. Here are a few of the hottest trends in 2023 that you may want to consider for your home.

The Outdoors is Still Big

People really embraced and craved outdoor space during the pandemic. It became the one place where people could feel like they were not trapped in their homes. This launched a design trend to bring that outdoor space inside and create a better outdoor living space. This trend continues today and is even more prevalent. Whether you live in the country with gorgeous views or in the city center, the view outside your four walls is very “in” right now. Additionally, the ability to spend as much time as possible outside. Here are a few ideas to find that perfect blend of inside/outside.

  • Install larger windows to let in additional light and increase your perspective from the inside.
  • Add a patio or deck that can be easily accessed from the house to allow for the perfect flow from inside and outside.
  • Outdoor kitchens allow you to cook and enjoy your meals outdoors.
  • Expand the ability for airflow throughout the house with larger sliding or French doors.
  • Skylights are perfect for lighting up dark spaces.

Popular home remodeling projects for 2023 include earthy colors, like the ones shown in this photo of a living room with brown walls and a cream couch.

Comfortable Paint Colors have been Popular Home Remodeling Projects for 2023

This may be the one design trend that invokes such a personal reaction from people. There are those that love grays and those that hate them. The same could be said for brown, white, green, pink, etc. Your walls are likely the most significant design element in your home. When you update the paint color, everything else pulls from your chosen color. It looks like the trends in 2023 are heavy on the browns in the color wheel. Designers and their clients continue to embrace the nature aspect of design, and brown is a very earthy tone. These tones bring about a very calming feeling to the space and are a bit warmer than the cool grays that have been popular for the past decade. Ultimately, paint color is a very personal choice, but if you want to warm things up and create a peaceful retreat, choosing something with brown tones may be just the change you are looking for.

Projects that Blend Function with Personal Design

Have you ever gone into a friend’s house, and their kitchen looks just like that on a home improvement show? Sure, there may be lots of functional space, and the layout may be fantastic, but does it showcase their style? In 2023, there is a push for people to show off their style in their homes, similar to what they do with their clothing. If your kitchen or bathroom needs an upgrade, consider adding elements that are things you love and represent you and not something you saw on a show. Keep function in mind throughout the design, especially for larger projects like the kitchen and bathroom. Once the layout is done, add your style through upholstery upgrades, decorative accents, and personalized nooks.

Built-in storage like shown in this closet, is a huge trend right now for popular home remodeling projects in 2023.

Built-in Storage Never Goes Out of Style

Have you ever gone into a really old house, like one from 100-plus years ago? Those of us that have quickly noticed that there are often built-in storage cabinets in the corners or lining the walls of certain rooms. This style has been going on for centuries, with changes along the way. Why is this? Well, people have stuff and lots of it. We are collectors of things. Some of the things are items we need for various purposes to live our lifestyle, and others are just something we like. Either way, we need somewhere to put these. Having built-in storage allows you to have floor-to-ceiling hiding spots (or showcasing spots) for all your stuff. If your home doesn’t have adequate storage, you can work with a contractor to design something that will maximize your storage space while adding an excellent addition to your home.

Design trends will always come and go. When you are remodeling your home, do the upgrades that work for you, and don’t spend too much time worrying about the trends. Keeping up to date with these changes may inspire you to create something in your home that blends the trend with your own personal touch. Having an experienced contractor like Siefken Contracting to work with is a great way to tackle many of your dream projects.

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