best remodels if you plan to sell your home

Best Remodels If You Plan to Sell Your Home

It may seem counterintuitive to complete an upgrade when you are moving. You don’t plan on living there anymore, so why should you put extra money and time into the home? Thousands of potential dollars in your pocket are the main reason, while a close runner-up of a quick sale is another fantastic reason to consider adding on a few projects before you list your house. 

Most buyers want a home that doesn’t have tons of extra projects when they move in. They also want to move into a house with good bones and modern upgrades. If you are getting ready to put your home on the market, consider these remodeling projects before your first showing.

Draw People in From the Outside

We have all heard the sayings about first impressions. They can set the tone for everything moving forward, including how a potential buyer will review your home. This is also an area that home inspections tend to focus on, so fixing any issues ahead of time will mitigate any concerns during the contract phase of the sale. 

Garage Doors – Many garage doors are at the front of the home or in a place buyers will see as they drive up to the house. You can win significant style, and character points with an updated garage door. While updating this, consider adding technology like a Smart Door for even more bonus points. Updating your garage door could provide as much as an 85% return.

New Roof – One of the first questions many buyers ask when looking at a home is, “How old is the roof?” Home inspectors will thoroughly review every aspect of your roof to discover any issues the potential buyer may have in the future. This is an opportunity for your house to get to the top of a buyer’s list by answering that it’s brand new. While putting a new roof on your home is expensive, homeowners will likely be rewarded with an almost 100% return on their investment.

Landscaping– Curb appeal is something many buyers look for. Spending some time updating your landscaping or an old deck will go a long way to having an offer on your home. People want to see themselves and their families move in and enjoy any outdoor space without having to do the work.

Out of Site Doesn’t Mean Out of Mind for Buyers

When the time comes for you to sell your home, put yourself in the buyer’s position. Having the house look fantastic from the outside will definitely bring them in further, but what happens when they start digging into the details of the home? Preparing for questions like these will give you a head start during the listing process. 

  • Is your house insulated correctly?
  • What insulation is in the walls, attic, or other open spaces?
  • How old is your furnace/HVAC system?
  • Are there any plumbing issues that need to be fixed?

Upgrades to the insulation and HVAC system could decrease heating and cooling by as much as 15%. This makes for a solid investment for both you and the potential buyer. It’s a good idea to have a contractor look at your home’s structure before that first showing so you don’t miss out on a potential offer.

Buyers Want Updates

The real estate market had a few years of excitement. Houses flew off the market quickly, and sellers were in the driver’s seat. Even during that period, smart sellers put a few extra dollars into upgrades in their homes to get a bigger return when they sold. We are in a much cooler housing market, but it remains strong, and buyers are still looking for their perfect home. Today’s buyers can be a bit choosier when selecting their home, and having solid upgrades could be the difference between an offer or someone moving on. Here are a few places to focus on when selling your home.

  • Kitchen Upgrades – You can make significant changes to your home by updating the kitchen. This is often the first place buyers go to, and completing some basic remodeling projects will give your home an edge over competitors. You could go for a smaller upgrade with just a few minor changes or a major overhaul for a bigger impact on the home’s appearance.

    • Surface Upgrades – Minor projects like the ones below can make even the most outdated kitchen appear more modern.

      • Change out your faucet for something modern and stylish.
      • Upgrade the hardware on your cabinets.
      • Put in a backsplash or upgrade the one you have in place.
      • Add new lighting or upgrade existing fixtures.

    • Major Upgrades – If your kitchen is really outdated or just not functional, it may be worth considering an entire remodel before listing your home. Kitchen upgrades typically realize an 80%-85% return on investment. Working with your contractor and real estate agent will help you make smart decisions for the upgrade if you determine this would benefit selling your home.

  • Bathroom Upgrades – Bathrooms are another space that buyers love to have updated. If your home’s bathroom is dull and dingy, consider a few quick changes to help buyers fall in love with the home.

    • Change out the vanity and sink.
    • Add in a soaking tub with a separate shower.
    • Paint the walls and modern color.

When moving on from your current home, you want to get the most out of your investment. Making minor upgrades (or larger ones) can help you do just that. Your house will become more marketable, allowing you to see a bigger return when you get to the closing table. Working with an experienced contractor like Siefken Contracting is a great way to tackle these upgrades. This will give you time to pack and search for your next home. 

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